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The flesh-chains bind us all...
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Xaotr, Lord of Chaos, Destruction and Nightmares by nightmarethedragon Xaotr, Lord of Chaos, Destruction and Nightmares :iconnightmarethedragon:nightmarethedragon 3 0 Chibi ??? by nightmarethedragon Chibi ??? :iconnightmarethedragon:nightmarethedragon 1 0 Old Picture I Thought I might share by nightmarethedragon Old Picture I Thought I might share :iconnightmarethedragon:nightmarethedragon 5 0 Meet the mediocre artist by nightmarethedragon Meet the mediocre artist :iconnightmarethedragon:nightmarethedragon 4 4 Rough Sketch: Rawr by nightmarethedragon Rough Sketch: Rawr :iconnightmarethedragon:nightmarethedragon 5 2 Corrupted Zhamat by nightmarethedragon Corrupted Zhamat :iconnightmarethedragon:nightmarethedragon 6 0 Zahzuvex Redesign by nightmarethedragon Zahzuvex Redesign :iconnightmarethedragon:nightmarethedragon 4 0
Gods: A Species Akin to our Own
Many a mortal would say a god is what it wants to be, an entity with no name, no gender. In our perfect little universe, though, they aren't what they seem.
My name doesn't matter, nor does my race. Just think of me as the voice in your head, a guide.
I know a god. These words would stir up controversy on a level unseen, yet it's true. A name familiar to those who follow the way of the Black Dragon, the Mountain Fist and the Solar Blades, or those who don't live under a rock.
She is the most open of the entire Pantheon, a concept almost alien to all. Gods are people too, and they wish to be treated as such. After a cup of tea each we sat down and conversed, and we entered interesting territory, which is why I write this short notice.
Whether we like it or not we see gods as entities unlimited, unmatched in power, who could shape the universe in ways we cannot comprehend. Sure, that is mostly true, but what if I told you gods can die.
Cell death and regeneration is how we age.
:iconnightmarethedragon:nightmarethedragon 0 0
Document - Vauxbrix of Auxah.
The Aubrix are a family of sentient avians that inhabit Auxah, a small yet lush planet orbiting Kautra, a yellow dwarf star. The Aubrix are unique in that there are 8 races in total, yet each one is so different from one another that they fall into an entirely different taxonomy. Normally races fall under the same taxonomy and show minimal difference to one another.
Vauxbrix are one of the 8 Aubrix races or subspecies. They resemble canines. Their front legs are much like a canids, and their feet resemble paws. Their hind legs, however, are avian, and the only canine feature on them are their dew claws. Their dew claws are much longer than a dog or wolfs, but only appear on their hind legs. Their beaks bear a striking resemblance to the heads of axes crafted by Humans or Dzorks. Their beaks in combination with their necks and sturdy skulls are used to smash open the Vaus nut, which is about the size of a football. Their neck
:iconnightmarethedragon:nightmarethedragon 0 0
Xania by nightmarethedragon Xania :iconnightmarethedragon:nightmarethedragon 5 1 Evil Shibe by nightmarethedragon Evil Shibe :iconnightmarethedragon:nightmarethedragon 6 0 Nahvu Reference Sheet [EVEN NEWER] by nightmarethedragon Nahvu Reference Sheet [EVEN NEWER] :iconnightmarethedragon:nightmarethedragon 3 0 Diamond in the Rough by nightmarethedragon Diamond in the Rough :iconnightmarethedragon:nightmarethedragon 3 0 [REQUEST] Chibi Myrtle by nightmarethedragon [REQUEST] Chibi Myrtle :iconnightmarethedragon:nightmarethedragon 5 0 Dzork Practice, Original Sketch by nightmarethedragon Dzork Practice, Original Sketch :iconnightmarethedragon:nightmarethedragon 1 0 Dzork Practice, Coloured by nightmarethedragon Dzork Practice, Coloured :iconnightmarethedragon:nightmarethedragon 3 0


Draw Ahax, Humanoid form
Draw Zhamat, Humanoid form
Draw Corrupted Zhamat, Beast form
Draw Corrupted Zhamat, Humanoid form
Draw Corrupted Zahzuvex, Humanoid form
Draw Erenas, Humanoid form
Draw Erenas, Beast form
Draw Khythiria, Humanoid form
Draw Llyaxia, Humanoid form
Draw Llyaxia, Beast form
Draw Aphilylion, Humanoid form
Draw Lykranthios, Humanoid form
Draw Lykranthios, Beast form
Draw Titanius, Humanoid form
Draw Titanius, Beast form

Draw our 'sonas in EDF
Draw friend's god avatars (2/5)
Draw my terrifying childhood fear: the Icks. A red one in a lab coat.


JBDragon666's God Avatar


To Dust (Sad CotP scene concept)
Rain of Embers (Sad CotP scene concept)
No Mercy for the Legion (WoW Warrior pwning demons)


Fanart mashup thingy by TRIK0 Fanart mashup thingy :icontrik0:TRIK0 27 2 Link Hadouken by VRaulu Link Hadouken :iconvraulu:VRaulu 24 3 Crash signs the executive order by TROLLESTACAT Crash signs the executive order :icontrollestacat:TROLLESTACAT 65 9 My randomly generated mashup: Link robbing a bank. by KennyHDx My randomly generated mashup: Link robbing a bank. :iconkennyhdx:KennyHDx 28 14 Lightsabers are the best laser pointers. by Quartette Lightsabers are the best laser pointers. :iconquartette:Quartette 189 8 Going home with Lemonade by Seoxys6 Going home with Lemonade :iconseoxys6:Seoxys6 189 22 Ash Ketchum DUELS! [Fanart Mashup Challenge] by Master-Rainbow Ash Ketchum DUELS! [Fanart Mashup Challenge] :iconmaster-rainbow:Master-Rainbow 228 33 Link in Jurassic Park, doing yoga by AkiraAlion Link in Jurassic Park, doing yoga :iconakiraalion:AkiraAlion 333 44 Such DA many tablet very cheeseburger by Martith Such DA many tablet very cheeseburger :iconmartith:Martith 1,358 88 Arcanus  AUCTION [OPEN] by Velkss Arcanus AUCTION [OPEN] :iconvelkss:Velkss 151 22 Arcanus/fan Discord by Velkss Arcanus/fan Discord :iconvelkss:Velkss 46 0 Mill Sprite - Trade by Anti-Dark-Heart Mill Sprite - Trade :iconanti-dark-heart:Anti-Dark-Heart 179 10 [Oc] Kiana by Arkhelios [Oc] Kiana :iconarkhelios:Arkhelios 20 5 Rikari flatesale (OPEN) by LordMarlon Rikari flatesale (OPEN) :iconlordmarlon:LordMarlon 111 27 BubbleTale/Silly:God Damnit Why Do I Do This by JBDragon666 BubbleTale/Silly:God Damnit Why Do I Do This :iconjbdragon666:JBDragon666 5 1 Babasook by JBDragon666 Babasook :iconjbdragon666:JBDragon666 3 1

:iconlainloveplz: Requests and Commissions! :iconlainloveplz:

:heart: Dzork by Zhamiska :heart: Nahvultoor with bg by StephaniaArts :heart: Zahzuvex by Lies-of-Benevolence :heart:

:heart: Give these hard working artists some love! :heart:



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Animated Colored Points {Free To Use} by TransmitingPoint2You Animated Colored Points {Free To Use} by TransmitingPoint2You:heart: :heart: :heart: Thanks 4 Donating by KillboxGraphics :heart: :heart: :heart: Animated Colored Points {Free To Use} by TransmitingPoint2You Animated Colored Points {Free To Use} by TransmitingPoint2You
I aim to gather up enough points so I may ask an incredibly talented artist to draw realistic/semi-realistic art of my characters that are part of a fiction I'm creating called "Collapse of the Pantheon". (I'm not entirely sure if that name is already taken though...)

If you want to see proper depictions of characters such as Zahzuvex or Aphilylion, donate or draw your own fan art! (I don't see why fan art of my characters would exist pre-alpha but oh well...?)

T-that is, if you want to blow points... you don't have to if you don't want to ;~;



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Nightmare Overlord (•ω•)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
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G'day, I'm Nightmarethedragon, A.K.A Nahvultoor, Shibi, Shi, Nahv, or my real name; Shania! I'm an aspiring artist who fiddles with the art of traditional and digital drawing, My primary tools being my pencils, paper, eraser, sharpener, and wacom tablet! I take an interest in drawing fantasy such as dragons, dragons, and the occasional dragon, though sometimes I "deviate" from the path and draw other things such as demons and humanoid figures. I try new things sometimes and I usually get the hang of it given enough time, but as of now I still have much to learn, as I've barely scratched the surface.

My real life can be stressful at times, due to my anxiety, autism and even depression! I usually cool off steam by watching youtube, listening to music and playing video games all day, namely World of Warcraft.

Overall I plan to do some random pictures mainly regarding dragons and demons, but I aim to show off some fan art from my favourite video games, and maybe even my secret project...

That's all from me! Take care and have fun, guys!

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Sunshine | Male | SoS Chain Shiny Fomantis by MidnightsShinies
Precious | Female | SoS Chain Shiny Pyukumuku by MidnightsShinies
Thunderfury | Female | Masuda #681 Shiny Aegislash by XY-Sprites
Gladiusilex | Genderless | Soft Reset Shiny Terrakion by MidnightsShinies
Rover | Male | SoS Chain Rockruff Shiny by Primarina-Seal

Dovahzul language level DOVAHKIIN by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Maltese language level NONE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy


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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


My Fursona. Shiba Inu dragon hybrid. She's always happy and represents who I want to be: A generally fun person to be around.


Dragon incarnation of a god. She's flawed to hell and get angry easily. She represents who I am: an imperfect piece of crap.


God of nightmares, destruction, chaos and darkness. Is kind of an Anti-god, but not exactly Satan. She's not evil, she just hasn't got the best morals. If she likes you, she won't be of any real harm. If she hates you, I hope you don't like sleeping.


Satan. Well, in the form of a demonic shiba inu. Why? She doesn't know whats creepy and whats not. She swears in the next thousand years she will turn into a spider, something actually scary. She's super evil.


A character of my species: the Dzorks. He isn't a nice guy. He would do anything for money or sex. He would sooner kill your lover and smooth criminal his way into your pants than receive a paycheck, though. He works for a Xychorion terrorist organisation. Very charming?


My Pokesona. Isn't actually a Darkrai, but instead a manifestation of the character created by Xaotr as some sort of daughter. Looks quite different from any actual Darkrai, but is still referred to as one by her "Mother". Xaotr likes human memes and fiction, especially Pokemon.


A trainer who resides in the Kalos region. Her only Pokemon is a shiny Terrakion. She rescued it a while ago, and now pampers it and spoils it rotten. I secretly ship her with Lysandre, but I keep it to myself :>


A vet/rescuer of Pokemon from the Alola region. She rescues Pokemon all around the region, and has so far rescued a shiny Fomantis abandoned by its mother, a shiny Pyukumuku who chose a very bad spot to settle down in, and a shiny Rockruff who was cornered by some bully Lycanroc. I secretly ship her with Lillie, but I keep that to myself :>


Roughly meaning Warrior in Latin (or at least according to google fuckup (translate)) She is a trainer from Sinnoh. She strives to beat her own records and shoots for the stars in everything she does! She's an amazing trainer who takes care of her shiny Aegislash, her Ninjask and her Darkrai. Especially her Darkrai <3 She explores all regions and aims to beat all trainers, including the Elite Four and the Champion of each region. I secretly ship her with Gladion, but I keep that to myself :>


??? Amargasaurus fursona
??? Arthropluera fursona
??? Sloth fursona
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  • Watching: Random shit.
  • Playing: Nothing.
  • Eating: Nothing.
  • Drinking: Water.


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